About Us

Clarmondial is an independent investment advisory company that focuses on practical, profitable and creative solutions for social and environmental businesses and their funders. Established in Switzerland in 2010, we deliver tailored advice, including investment structuring, strategy and business development support.

Our unique skillset comes from an inter-disciplinary expertise within the core team and in our networks. Besides financial structuring and private investments, we count on a solid understanding of integrated land management, including forestry and agriculture, renewable energy and energy efficiency, microfinance, processing & distribution, fintech and climate finance (including climate bonds and policy).

Our clients include global institutional investors, companies, government agencies of developed and emerging countries, family offices, entrepreneurs and leading not-for-profits agencies and development institutions seeking to mobilise investment in sustainable natural resource management. The majority of our business comes from repeat business and referrals.

More information about our services is available here.

The name and the logo

Clarmondial is a combination of the words “clar”, which refers to clarity, and “mondial”, referring to earth and the environment. The choice of the corvid as a symbol relates to their intelligence and adaptability. Corvids, crows and ravens, are also well represented in mythology: In Norse mythology the two crows represent thought and mind, and in Native American mythology, a raven created the earth and placed the sun in the sky.